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Phillipa DuPlass

PHILLIPA “PIP” DUPLASS is from Brighton, England. At a young age she dedicated her life to dental hygiene and developed her patented Gentle Dental™ technique for the extremely sensitive. Her “gums need love too” approach caught the eye of a certain Hollywood executive, and Pip was summoned to work on Julia Robert’s smile for Pretty Woman. Pip loved the sunshine and never left.  The star of “PIP’S TIPS” on, she has catered to a celebrity clientele ever since. Pip met Penelope the first time she ever used a dating app to meet women. Though surprised at how quickly Pen moved in (that very night!), Pip was thrilled to have finally met her dream girl. 


Penelope Fairweather

PENELOPE "PEN" FAIRWEATHER is a jackie of all trades. Born in Australia and raised in London, Pen calls her accent "Aussie-Tish." She was a rock-n-roller in her 80’s heyday but now she’s a classic out of shape middle-aged lesbian. Back in the day she mined her “groupie” lifestyle for a column in the London Star but now she uses her minor celebrity for various new media ventures including her product review show, "PEN'S PICKS" on Pen arrived in Santa Monica without a place to stay. She met Phillipa through a dating app and spent her first American night in her arms. 

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Created by Marjorie Duffield and Diana Yanez

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